Ministry of Commerce: China supports WTO reform and hopes to take care of the concerns of most members.
The United States and the European Union agreed on 25 days to ease trade frictions through negotiations, and put forward the reform of WTO. On the 26 day, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said the Chinese side has supported the WTO reform, hoping to take care of the majority of its members and reflect the demands of the majority of its members. In view of the preliminary agreement on trade between the United States and Europe, the summit said at a regular press conference held on the day of the Ministry of commerce that it was a good thing not to fight trade war, not only for Europe and the United States, but also to the world. China will be concerned about whether the two sides'statements can be truly implemented.
The peak points out that, through progressive reform, we hope to ensure that the basic tenet of the WTO is unchanged and the basic principles are not challenged. At the same time, the authority and leadership of the WTO will be strengthened, the basic functions and functions of the free trade principle and the multilateral trading system are strengthened, and the free trade and economic globalization of the whole ball will be promoted better.
On the issue of the relationship between FTA and the multilateral trading system of WTO, the summit said that China always believed that the two sides should promote each other and complement each other. We should always adhere to the overall framework of the multilateral trading system and safeguard the multilateral trading order. At the same time, the FTA arrangement among members is also a beneficial supplement and positive driving force for the multilateral trading system.
At the peak, China has consistently advocated building a transparent, mutually beneficial and win-win regional free trade arrangement. As long as it is in line with the principles of the WTO, it is conducive to promoting economic globalization and regional economic integration, and is conducive to building a community of human destiny. At the same time, we hope to safeguard WTO solidarity and work together with all members to safeguard and develop the multilateral trading system.
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