China's research policy supports the development of electric furnace steel
On 25 day, Luo Tiejun, a raw material inspector of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the enlargement meeting of the standing director of the China Iron and steel industry association that the transformation of "long process" steelmaking to "short process" would further reduce the impact of the iron and steel industry on the atmospheric environment. The state will study relevant policies and measures to support the development of EAF steel and effectively enhance the market competitiveness of EAF enterprises.
Iron and steel production technology is divided into two categories: iron ore as raw material for blast furnace, converter "long process" and scrap steel as raw material for electric furnace "short process". Although the latter emissions are lower and the pollution is smaller, the cost is relatively higher, so our country has always been dominated by "long process" iron and steel enterprises. With the clearance of "ground bar" last year, the rapid growth of scrap steel in China and the fall in prices, the economy of EAF steel has been highlighted.
"The outward transfer of steel production capacity in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region will become an important source of short process steelmaking capacity indicators." Luo Tiejun said, "we will work with the development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments to encourage and guide the delivery of output to meet the needs of the development of electric furnace steel in the area."
"Southern China, southwest, northwest and other areas with large market capacity, abundant scrap resources, and sufficient power supply have the advantages of developing EAF steel. On the basis of strict implementation of the capacity replacement policy, we will guide the relevant areas to strengthen communication and link up, actively undertake the transfer of capacity from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas, and rational layout and development of electric furnace steel. " Luo Tiejun said.
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