Overnight COMEX copper pressure drop, due to strong rebound in the dollar index.
Disk situation: the Shanghai futures exchange FU1901 contract opened at 3093 yuan / ton, closing at 3134 yuan / ton, up 7 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day, or 0.22%. Volume reduced to 808 thousand hands, and positions increased by 6236 to 138 thousand.
News: 1. Singapore's fuel oil spot market has concluded 2 deals. Xing Long purchased 60 thousand tons of 380-cst fuel from China Petroleum Corporation, and purchased 20 thousand tons of 180-cst fuel oil from Shell Companies. The dry bulk price index of the 2. Baltic Sea trade exchange rose on Tuesday, with the overall dry bulk price index rising by 56 points, or 3.3%, at 1774, the highest since January 8, 2014. 3.EIA announced that as of July 20th, US crude oil inventories were reduced by 6 million 150 thousand barrels to 404 million 940 thousand barrels, Cushing crude oil stocks were reduced by 1 million 100 thousand barrels, gasoline inventories were reduced by 2 million 330 thousand barrels, and distillate oil stocks were reduced by 101 thousand barrels, and the daily net import of Zhou Meiguo crude oil decreased by 2 million 518 thousand barrels.
Spot price: the spot price of Singapore fuel oil (high sulfur 380Cst) in July 25th was $446.5 per ton, up 5.06 US dollars / tonnes compared with the previous day (RMB exchange rate of 3038 yuan / ton at the same day).
Summary: the international crude oil period price rises, the Asian Brent crude oil price in September is at $74 / barrel shock, and the spot price of fuel oil (high sulfur 380Cst) in Singapore is up to $446.5 / ton (3038 yuan / tonne at the same day RMB exchange rate). According to EIA data, U.S. crude oil stocks fell to low levels since February 2015, eliminating the market's oversupply concerns; Trump and EU honk reached an agreement to ease the rise in oil prices in Europe and the United States, and expected a strong trend in short-term oil prices. Technically, the FU1901 contract has been increased and the underlying test has been supported by 3060. The upper 3200 test has been tested above, and the fuel price is expected to show a strong shock. In operation, at 3060-3200, it is much lower.
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